Attack anyway?

Level 238
Life points
80 %
23.97 %
Armour 46226
Damage 1283 - 1429

This item will become soul bound as soon as you put it on!


Character description

If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves,
it is because self-knowledge is painful and
we prefer the pleasures of illusion

My growth came when I realized
that I do not have to experience
life the way I have been told to

You cannot transcend what you do not know.
To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself

When you don't understand,
you depend on reality.
When you do understand, reality
depends on you

If no one comes
from the future
to stop you from doing it

Then how bad can it be?

Your journey is not the same as
mine, and my journey, is not yours
but if you meet me on a certain
path, may we encourage each other

When you talk, you are only
repeating what you already
know. But if you listen, you
may learn something new.

Human behavior flows
from three main sources:
Desire, emotion and knowledge.

Quantum physics tells us that nothing
that is observed is unaffected by the
observer. That statment, from science,
holds an enormous and powerful insight.
It means that everyone sees a different
truth, because everyone is creating what they see.

part of what psychedelic do is
they decondition you from
cultural values... which causes
people to start questioning the
rules of the game

The truth comes in pieces,
pieces you have to put together
to see the big picture.

Don't ever think that
the reason that I am
peaceful is because I
forgot how to be violent.

Sometimes you've got to break yourself
into a million pieces to discover
every part of you is beautiful

It doesen't matter what we want.
Once we get is...then we want something else

Life and death have been in love
for longer than we have words to describe
life sends countless gifts to death
and death keeps them forever

Sometimes, I talk to myself
and we both laugh.

They wanna see you do good,
but never better then them.
Remember that.

Taking a shit load of mushrooms
and being convinced you're goind to die
for 5 hours straight
is something everyone should experience