Total honour 36.415.059.948
Ranking 1
Members 111 / 111 Members
Level Ø 168
Fortune 2.777.786.976

Guild description

Nothing GREAT is created ALONE




╚═₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ ༺ɸ༻₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪═╝


Applying to the guild needs more than just „Hi I want to join.“ Please take some time to write a proper application! Thanks!

A meaningful application should include the following in English:

- Name / Age
- Country / original server / old guild
- experience / knowledge
- Why are you an asset?
- Level 140+

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Wing Guild:


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The killer squad
WladimiraPutina - The foundations
Menace - The vampire hunter
Phat_T- The OG
Aveloca - Diplomat
-THEROCK- killing machine
Dr.Hoffman - The night cavalier
Extremutus - k3 Master
satana__satana2 - War Master

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Our History

Foundation of the Guild in 2015 by Oehring after the first Guild was deleted by Intruders

■ In August 2021, through the great efforts of SirNuma, the first gladiators from Centurio_Legion joined us.

■ On November 28th 2022 the forum has been upgraded to level 27 thanks to the donations of four generous players so that we can take a new step into the future

30th of November the Fusion with Guild ZEII [OLIMP.] took Place thanks to the efforts of Bademeister & Menace

■ Only 17 days after the level 27 Forum expansion, on December 15th 2022, TEDA has upgraded the Forum to the level 28.

■ 20 days later, on 5th January 2023, TEDA has upgraded the Forum to level 29.

■ 4th of february - Doc Kamsan ``missclicked`` and donated 4 billion gold, we expanded the forum in a few hours after that. Level 30!

■ On 6th of March we expanded our forum to level 31

■ SirNuma Admin 8.300.000.000 Donation Tue, 11.04.2023 - 16:50:39
Historical donation has been made, forum has been expanded to level 32

■ On 14th of May the forum has been expanded to level 33

■ On 29th of July we expanded the forum to lvl 34. This put us in the top position with 3 other guilds with the largest forum in the world. The challenge begins now.

■On 21th of September TEDA expanded the forum to lvl 35, the biggest forum ever made. Special thanks to HH and VIP guilds that came in our help when the server tried to betray us.

On 10th of November 2023 the biggest merger in history happened, two of the biggest guilds in the world joined together and created the biggest Gladiatus community.

■On 17th of December THE expanded the forum to lvl 36. That makes the 8th expansion in just one year.

■On 9th of April THE expanded the forum to lvl 37.

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